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Call for 

in Salettl on the community farm

Copyright_ Klaus Bauernfeind

Foto: Klaus Bauernfeind

Who: international and Austrian artists

Genre: visual arts / literature / dance / performance / illustration ...

Duration: June 27, 2022 - July 17, 2022; July 18, - August 7, 2022

Grant: Two scholarships of € 1.500,- each



Initial situation

In recent years the community courtyard of the Kleine Stadt Farm in Vienna’s Donaustadt has been activated and presented to a wider public as a new social center in the 22nd district. Since 2012 numerous civil society initiatives have come together, which deal with questions of community made agriculture and sustainable nutrition, with the participatory design of our living space, with animal- assisted pedagogy as well as with artistic, artisanal and social approaches for sustainable development.

Today, the "Kleine Stadt Farm – Verein zur Förderung des Gemeinwohls" is an association of about 25 ecological and social organizations and cultural workers, in which about 500 people are participating. The community farm is jointly managed, played on and cultivated – with great commitment on a voluntary basis. The offer and the previous activities are designed and implemented on a low-threshold level.

The Salettl at the community farm was originally designed and built as an educational venue for organic farming. Today it is to become a cultural, educational and event center for sustainable development. With the help of artistic and cultural activities and offers, we want to create a place of exchange that takes up the great potential of the initiatives, activities and networks of the Kleine Stadt Farm for socially and ecologically sustainable development – to expand it and carry it beyond the community farm into the neighborhood, the district and the city.

SALETTL Struktur.png

Residency Program

The Salettl Residency Program will take place for the first time in 2022, with the goal of providing artists the opportunity to engage in direct dialogue with the community of the Kleine Stadt Farm and the surrounding natural environment, and to develop a project on site. Both during and towards the end of the residency there will be the chance to present the artistic process and the developed results and to bring them into exchange with the people.

The program addresses professional artists whose work show an interdisciplinary and cross- disciplinary approach and who deal with issues of social and environmental sustainability. The theme of the residency should be based on the annual focus of cultural activities in the district of Vienna, Donaustadt "Proximity and Distance". We invite you to work from your own artistic perspective on this topic. For this purpose, two three-week residencies will be awarded in the Salettl at the community courtyard of the Kleine Stadt Farm. Included are the living and working space in the Salettl as well as a grant of € 1.500,- per residency.

It is important to mention that sexism, homophobia, transphobia, racism, ableism, nationalism, anti- Semitism or any other discrimination or similar ideology have no place in our program.

We strongly encourage families to apply. Children are welcome at the Kleine Stadt Farm.


Artists live and work in the Salettl at the community farm, which is used as an event and cultural venue by the farm community throughout the rest of the year. The Salettl's 160 square meters offer room to work and to live – with a separate living and sleeping area, a fully equipped kitchen, WiFi, and a toilet with basin. The bathroom and washing machine are located in the main house and are shared with the residents.

The community yard is located near the Lobau-Danube National Park. People work at the site in different initiatives and projects. There are some animals living on the farm and there is the possibility to swim in natural waters. There is a good connection to the city via the U2 and bus lines as well as an attractive cycle track (Donauinsel, Prater).


Costs for the artists

There is no charge for the artist's accommodation. However, groups of artists pay a surcharge of 50 euros per person. Partners/family members pay an extra charge of 250 euros per person. Children up to the age of 12 years can be taken along at no extra charge.

The scholarships of € 1.500,- each are also used to cover the artists' expenses (e.g. travel costs, material costs, catering).


Application process

The application process ends on April 24, 2022.

Applications must include the following documents:

  • Contact details (name, address, email address, phone number, website/social media if


  • meaningful portfolio (PDF)

  • curriculum vitae (max 2 pages)

  • detailed description of the project to be implemented during the residency (max. 2 pages)


Applicants will be notified of the outcome of the call for proposals at the end of April.


Selection criteria

  • Reference to the theme of the residency

  • Reference to the location of the community courtyard “Kleine Stadt Farm” in Vienna, Donaustadt - Comprehensible presentation of the ideas for a showcase of the artistic work

  • Artistic quality


Please send applications and further inquiries to:

Copyright_ Klaus Bauernfeind
Copyright_ Klaus Bauernfeind

Fotos: Nikolai Ritter

Sponsored and made possible by the district of Donaustadt

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